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Rite of Awakening - Chapter 5 Part 3

Hey all!
Hmm it seems the last fragment was confusing and awkwardly paced... I'll make sure to go back and fix that ASAP. Thanks for the useful input! Any other errors you notice along those lines, please let me know. Enjoy this fragment and keep those great redlines coming! 

Regelial and King Caylsig appeared inside the Emperor’s Office. Regelial took a seat, while the Sylen King was left standing up, looking around the room with infirm balance. He held on to the nearest shelf while his eyes refused to look anywhere but at the polished marble floor.

“It’s not easy to grow accustomed to the Aliasemia technique,” Regelial spoke. “Disorientation and light-headedness are common the first couple of times. Come, sit down.”

The King approached the desk with slow but steady steps. “Thank you.” Caylsig sat down, bringing his right palm to his head. “I had heard about it... Aliasemia.” His index and middle fingers rubbed against his temple. “Merging with one of the Essences of Nature to move at an unimaginable speed. Never thought I’d experience it first-hand.”

 “It’s exceedingly rare, even amongst those blessed by the Essential Spirits,” Regelial added. “But I did not bring you here for a lecture on Aliasemia. Tell me, that lovely daughter of yours, how old is she?”

The Sylen King stopped massaging his forehead as a hushed gasp broke through his lips. He straightened his back and caressed his dark beard. “Don’t you think there are more important subjects than Sivrial?”

Regelial smiled. Not to me. Not now. “One question at a time, Lord Caylsig. If it’s Sylenvia you are so concerned about, I assure I’ve given your country much thought. However, I require you to answer my questions first.”


“So she’s almost the same as As̆.” He stood up, gazing at Asaia-Laégel through the window behind his desk, unconcerned about turning his back on Caylsig. The age coincides and she bears no physical resemblance to either of her parents or grandparents. Nevertheless, I need one more proof to confirm her true lineage. He took one of his hands and placed it in front of his eyes. “Our bodies are inevitably doomed to perish; no matter how powerful, wise, or healthy; human, t̆erian, or... something else.” His sight was now focused on his wife and Queen Mylina, who were walking across the Balance Plaza. “Everything must come to an end.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You will know when the proper time comes. In the mean time my friend, I want to make you a proposal that will further solidify the alliance between our nations: an unbreakable alliance.”

King Caylsig cleared his throat. “Surely you don’t mean...”

“But I do.” A pair of birds flew by the window; gracefully dancing in the wind. “I want your consent to marry Princess Sivrial to my son, Prince Sefiren.”

“But Lord Regelial, they’re too young; only children!”

“Required to behave like adults since childhood. Why should this be any different?” Regelial sat down once again. Caylsig was turning out to be more docile than he had expected. The untameable winds that once blew from the West have become but gusts and whispers. “I’ll understand it if you want to refuse my offer, but I can’t guarantee that the Empire will get involved in this conflict since I don’t believe an attack will befall the Empire until after both Sylenvia and Breinall lie in ashes. You’ll have to defend Sylenvia on your own. If that happens, we both know you’ll drown in your family’s blood.”

Caylsig’s face turned to white; his tired eyes shaken by uncertainty. He cleared his throat yet again, albeit with greater effort. Old and weak.

“But why? Why ask this of me now?”

“Because in the upcoming war we need to know whom we can trust in. Things are about to change Caylsig; now is the time to make as many allies as possible; strong bonds and unfaltering friendships.”

“I promised Sivrial I would let her choose whom to love.”

“In the end, do we not all choose whom to love?” He gave the King a moment’s pause to assimilate what he was saying. “I fear it might be the only way, my friend. I’m sure the Princess will understand.”

“And your son? Will the Prince understand as well?”

“Sefiren’s thoughts on this are inconsequential. He will do as I say; one way or another.”

“I wish I were as resolute as you are, Lord Regelial.”

“It’s not resolution you lack, but the inability to let go that restrains you. You’re feeble and unwilling to make sacrifices. Unfit to rule.     

“Perhaps you’re right. It isn’t up to me to decide on what to do with my daughter’s freedom, but there is much at stake.” The King sighed. “Sivrial will marry your son, Lord Regelial. I pray to the Goddess I’ve made the right choice.”

Regelial grinned. “Of course it is my friend.”

“I would like to make one request, Lord Regelial. If you found any other way to put my country under the Empire’s permanent protection, could you desist on the marriage and pursue that option instead?”

“Whatever that option may be?”

The King hesitated.


“Of course my friend. Now, let us leave. There are plenty of matters that require our attention.” And your time runs ever shorter.

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