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Rite of Awakening - Chapter 6 Part 3

Hey all!

I went through this section before posting it. I feel it's too descriptive and tedious at times so I tried to edit it to the best of my ability (Mostly, I shortened the extremely long and detailed description of the cathedral and plan to spread those details across several different sections). The ending also gave me a bit of trouble... So I'm very interested to see what you'll make of it ;D

It had been a restless night thus far. Sefiren looked outside through one of the large windows in his room. The skies were clear but water was falling. There were no thunders or lightning bolts. The air was almost imperceptible and the drops fell in an almost gracious way, caressing the windows as they landed. Beautiful and yet... sad. It was as if the heavens themselves were mourning and Sefiren could feel it. No matter how many times he returned to his bed, he was unable to relax his body and clear his mind. The rain had carried his sleep away from him.

Walking usually helps. Besides, there was something drawing him outside; a hunch perhaps.

As he came out of his room, he noticed that the doors that led into his parent’s chambers were opened. It wasn’t common for both of them to be outside so late. On the other hand, his sisters’ rooms remained locked.

It’s been over a week since they left. The palace was pretty much empty these days; dispiriting. Even as he walked down the familiar corridors, he felt his home distant and strage. His father spent most of his time in meetings alongside King Caylsig, while his mother managed the day-to-day affairs. As for his brother, he seldom saw him. He’s never around anyway, he told himself with a hint of relief.

Only Princess Sivrial had kept him company.

“Sivrial,” he sighed as a furtive smile ran across his face. He would take some seconds every now and then to look at her, trying his best not to get caught staring.  She had a certain glow in her eyes that kept calling to him and her look whenever the wind deftly caressed her hair hypnotised him. Ten years had gone by since they last saw each other. Ten long years. Now, here she was; the girl from back then grown into a beautiful woman. And I can’t even talk to her without stammering.

“Have you lost yourself Sefiren?”

The unexpected question in the dark harshly brought his mind down to the sombre night. He stopped walking. Myt̆es walked towards him from the hallway’s opposite end. Though the light was very dim, Sefiren could see that his brother was clutching to the wall, barely able to walk by himself, threatening to fall anytime soon. Only shreds remained of his dark robes, exposing his chest completely. Sefiren managed to see several wounds over wounds scattered across his brother’s body. Some had been made in the past days and others were still fresh.

“Myt̆es, what happened?”

“None of your business.”

As he finished the sentence, he lost what little balance he had left. Sefiren ran to his brother and managed to grab him before he fell.

“Here, let me help you.”

“Don’t touch me!” Myt̆es shouted, taking Sefiren’s hands off him. “This is nothing.”

“You’re bleeding too much.”

“I don’t need your pity, Sefiren.”

Myt̆es walked past his brother, leaving traces of blood wherever he passed by, muttering to himself. Sefiren remained motionless until his brother disappeared from his sight. He’ll be fine. If there’s one thing he cares about that’s himself. With that thought in mind, he left the palace, deciding on his destination: the Melcryl Cathedral.

As he crossed from Elyrdir to Priódir, where all of the capital’s churches and temples were, he didn’t notice any guards at all.  There were no lights coming from the buildings either. Only the Melcryl Cathedral, standing high atop the sacred mount Ictromil, was shinning intensely. A beacon to remind the people about hope, his father always told them.

The top of Ictromil was covered in vivid green grass and a couple of tall Ant̆ flower trees, which had begun blooming. Four small chapels were lined across the place, accompanying the cathedral dedicated to the Goddess herself. Stained-glass windows adorned all sides of the cathedral, with several smaller ones below them. On its centre stood the Dome of Salvation with an ivory statue of Valcar Seralisel, the Goddess’ eternal protector, on its top. At the very back was the Apostle’s Apse, where the Apostle would be anointed by the Élyon Saint on her seventeenth birthday.

He stepped inside, soaking the clear marble floor as he did so. The cathedral was empty. Sefiren took a few careful steps across the central row of aisles, stopping in front of the carmine statue of Goddess Ataélina. Her face had one of the most tranquil expressions Sefiren had ever seen. As affectionate as mum’s own smile.

“Are you certain of that?” he heard from behind the statue, where the Apostle’s Apse was located. It was his father.

“Absolutely my lord. I managed to remove his helmet. It was him.”

Sefiren could not determine whom did the second voice belong to. He tried to peek through the side of the statue. His father blocked most of the other man’s body, but it was clear it was a projection. That explains the distortion in the voice.

“What will you do?”

“Nothing,” his father replied.

“You will allow his betrayal to continue unpunished? We both know he can’t be controlled.”

“The Crimson Knight is more useful to us alive. His treachery will be made known in due time.”

Hearing the Knight mentioned made Sefiren’s heart skip a beat. He recalled his father had refused to kill him that night. Why is he doing the same now?

“I hope you will not regret this decision.”

“I will accept the responsibility of my choices as I’ve always done.”

“And what about Marasia? When will you tell her the truth?”

“I won’t. I’ll let her uncover it by herself.”

“How? We destroyed all the evidence about her birth.”

“Not entirely. There’s a rather special book in Renisel’s possession; one that holds all the answers to Marasia’s past and future.”

His father turned his eyes, forcing Sefiren to crouch behind the statue. I’m dead, he told himself, waiting for his father to walk towards him. It didn’t happen. After a brief pause, he resumed the dialogue. Sefiren decided in had been enough. He crouched towards the exit, praying to the Goddess his father would not notice him. Before leaving, his ears caught a final part of the dialogue.

“You’ll need to get rid of him first.”

“And trigger Sylenvia’s wrath at the same time.”

“An eye for an eye?”

“That’s the only concept Gamar have of justice.”

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